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‘Below Deck’s Captain Sandy Reveals Her Girlfriend Has Breast Cancer


“Below Deck” star Sandy Yawn has revealed that her
girlfriend, Leah Shafer, is battling breast cancer.

NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

54-year-old took to Twitter on Friday, to share the sad news with fans. “Hi
all, not the news we were hoping for,” she wrote, along with a photo of the
couple. “We are ever so grateful for and overwhelmed with all your prayers and
well wishes. We love you all so much. Know that we are strengthened by the
outpouring of love and that we remain extremely positive for the future.”

In a series of tweets, she continued to share a
hopeful message to fans. “Together we are stronger, especially
with all your good thoughts coming our way,” she wrote.

According to Yawn, the cancer was caught early and
We caught this early “thank GOD” and Leah has opted to undergo a double mastectomy
and reconstruction. “We’re in the process of searching for top surgeons now,”
she added.

She firmly believes that the situation is only going to make
their bond stronger, and is committed to her partner during her trying time. “We
will adjust to our new normal. We will come out strong. It’s going to be hard
being apart for 7 weeks, but our love is the real deal, and I will come right
home to Leah in Denver after work travel,” she continued.

“It’s through these times we really rely on FAITH and realize
how amazing our love is~ Much Love to you all!
And, whatever helps women be proactive, post it!”

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