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ROC Health set to expand its foothold


Originating in the famous Harley Street area of London, ROC first opened an office in Aberdeen in 2014.

The clinic recalls the immediate demand felt within the market for rapid access, high-quality private and occupational health services. Since then, ROC has grown and diversified its services, culminating with the acquisition of a 11,800sq ft premises within Westhill Business Park in April 2019.

The premises are part of a phased development project over the next two years that will see the establishment of a state-of-the-art diagnostic centre that will support its private medical, occupational and corporate health services. With the initial phase complete, ROC relocated in July. The new facilities will allow ROC to expand its occupational and private medical services.

The services will include:
– Same day access
– 24/7 topside cover
– Speaking directly to the person that matters
– Complete Occupational Health Services
– 24-48 hrs results turnaround • Private GPs and specialists
– In-house scans
– 24/7 VIP care programme for companies and individuals alike.

With an increase in the offshore activities in the past two years, companies are becoming more confident in taking up new solutions, shopping around for what fits them best. The close interrelation between the two arms of ROC’s business, namely private medicine and occupational health, means ROC is the only company in Aberdeen guaranteed to reduce your sickness absence and WLTI. ROC is knowledgeable, proactive, fast moving and accurate.

ROC’s chief executive, Dr Cristina Romete, says once the project is complete, ROC Clinic Aberdeen will bring the latest technology, speed of service, transparency and cross-speciality collaboration, combining the best of Harley Street London and with the best of Scotland’s Healthcare.

She said: “For those wishing to travel outside Scotland in search of clinical excellence and superior service, ROC will give you the world-class private care you deserve here in Aberdeen.

“For those companies looking for a new fresh model of delivering occupational healthcare, ROC will give you the satisfaction of simplicity, excellence and responsiveness you’ve been searching for.”

ROC provides an exceptional new healthcare facility to both companies and individuals alike.

The new facility focuses on: occupational and corporate health, women’s health, men’s health and children’s health.

With high-quality rapid access to GP and occupational consultations and investigations, ROC will continue to deliver its services with passion and outmost care throughout this development.

For the executives the VIP care programme @ROC VIP is led by Dr Romete, nominated as a top UK doctor by Spears 500 for the past two years. This service will be available to individuals and families as well as companies, as part of their executive care programmes.

Dr Romete’s experience in looking after high-net-worth individuals for the past 12 years, from the office in Harley Street as well as at an international level, is invaluable when it comes to the best of personalised care.

Dr Cristina Romete, ROC’s chief executive

If you wish to get in touch with the clinic or have any inquiries, call on 01224 515 254 or email [email protected]

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