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Expert explains tuberculosis: lies Dormant for years in the body – view


In the Canton of Aargau are currently three cases of tuberculosis for excitement. Two children and a career are within ill a very short time a pupil of the infectious disease. Now, other people who were in contact with them must be on the disease checked by a blood test. In the population, uncertainty is spreading. But is there really reason to worry?

Mark Witschi (48) is measures at the Federal office for health (BAG) is responsible for recommendations on vaccination and control. He says: “The three cases in the Canton of Aargau are not a cause for concern, and no signs of an epidemic.”

Nevertheless, it is not joke with the disease. For: tuberculosis is the deadliest infectious disease in the world!

tuberculosis is an infectious disease. Usually the lung is affected, but in rare cases other organs. In consequence of the infection, persistent cough, and chest pain. In severe cases, it can lead to shortness of breath, weight loss and fever. The disease is transmitted by coughing, Ill on the air in the room. A contagion is, however, only after 2 months of undetectable. Only about five to ten percent of the people with a fresh infection, the disease breaks out later. Tuberculosis with antibiotics, as a rule, well reduce. If left untreated, the disease can run, but deadly.

tuberculosis is the deadliest infectious disease in the world. A third of the world’s population is infected with it. Every year, around two million people are still dying of it. The most common disease in developing countries occurs. In Switzerland, there are approximately 550 diseases. The majority of the diseases in Switzerland occurs in the case of persons from countries where tuberculosis is widespread. In particular, it is countries in Africa and Asia.

Around 550 cases in Switzerland

“In Switzerland, one has tuberculosis good handle on,” says Witschi. “If we can recognize the disease and properly treated, is not it more dangerous.” There are, however, comparatively still many cases of the disease – about 550 in the year. This number they wanted to reduce as far as possible.

The risk of tuberculosis disease is relatively small. For contagion there is a need for very close contact with a sick Person, says Witschi.

“Even if you are sitting for several hours on a plane next to a tuberculosis patient, is the risk of Infection is low.” You would have to almost spend one or more nights in the same room with a sick Person. Should you be infected nevertheless, you can treat the disease with antibiotics. If left untreated, they can, however, be fatal.

tuberculosis is insidious, the three cases

That passes in the Canton of Aargau to the Public, will find Witschi a good thing. “It is important that people are informed about the disease and raise awareness,” he says. Often it is difficult to detect tuberculosis at first glance.

The illness comes gradually, often with symptoms that one might keep about for a flu. This includes, for example, cough or fever, include. “The illness may even lie dormant for up to 30 years in the body before they break out at all,” says Witschi.

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