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Spice Up Your ‘Gram With These Sex-Positive Influencers


Sex-ed isn’t renowned for being thorough. Which is why most of us, especially women, have such a warped sense of sexuality and sexual (and reproductive) health.

It explains why sexuality, though deeply personal, isn’t something that gets the celebration it deserves. If anything, it’s something we resist. It’s something shrouded in shame, which means we don’t give ourselves time to learn about it, or foster and support.

And, honey, there’s absolutely no shame in learning and growing about your sexual being.

But if there was ever a time to get down and dirty with sexualities, it’s now.

Sex educators, certified therapists and counselors, and women who work in the sex industry are leading the conversation on social media, empowering their followers to connect with their bodies (and their partners) in new ways. But that’s only the tip of this v sexy iceberg.

Here are a few top-notch sex-positive Instagrammers out there, chuck them a follow – and don’t be scared to scroll through your feed in public. Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Sexologist, Youtube star, author, media personality and advocate for sex-positive conversations she’s got it all going. Shan is all about providing honest, clinically backed information to her followers through a positive and empowering lens. If you can’t get enough of her feed, her Youtube channel is also a super source of info on sexual health and dating (from casual sex to long-term relationships).

The best sex and relationship influencer of 2016, Hannah Witton is a multimedia juggernaut who has inspired her thousands of followers to learn more about and embrace their sexualities. With a book, a Youtube channel, and podcast, Hannah covers topics like sex toys, hormones, sex education, books about sex and gender, and even her tips on living with a stoma.

If you aren’t already on the FlexMami train, it’s time to hop non board. From her vibrant personality and ridiculously fabulous (and equally as vibrant) wardrobe, Flex is a proud advocate of “facilitating your nut”. She’s the co-host of Bobo & Flex, a sex and lifestyle podcast that throws you deep deep into existential crisis over your relationship habits – you may feel attacked, but these girls are only doing it for your growth. She’s all about kindness, happiness, and education and her feed is all about sexual liberation, confidence, and self-love. Yeah, it’s time to get on board.

Raquel’s feed screams, “here I am, hun”. She’s a certified sex therapist and coach posts “Thought Provoking Thirst Traps” – aka BOMB selfies accompanied by captions that’ll make you seriously think about feminism and sexuality (and more). A co-host of the Savage Life podcast, this woman is all for challenging how females are allowed to exist in society, often addressing sex and social stigmas others won’t touch (like fetishes, female orgasms, non-monogamy, and more). It’s a good follow that’s sure to get your brain ticking over.


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Today’s #SelfCareSunday reflection topic is: what does support look like to you? – In practicing healthier relationship dynamics (romantic or otherwise) I’ve noticed the importance of discussing what it looks like to both be supportive AND SUPPORTED. Often, it’s easier to be supportive; we prioritize asking our partners what they need, how we can show up for them, etc. What gets lost is how that can be reciprocated. – For some of us, it’s ignored because we don’t know what we need to feel supported. Perhaps some of us have literally never been asked the question, “how can I show up for you?” So, some of this requires work on OUR behalf to a) know we deserve support and b) what that looks like. It can be trial and error, trying new things to explore what kind of love, validation, etc. feels most fulfilling and safe. – Support FOR ME is my partner listening without offering solutions. It’s validating my feelings; a simple, “how you feel is valid” affirms me beyond measure especially given the amount of gaslighting I’ve experienced. Additionally, support for me is being gentle and patient. It is SEEING me, my entire self. There are other things that make me feel affirmed but now I’d like to hear from you! – What does support look like to you? – #RaquelSavage #MentalHealth #SundayFunday #support

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Sex can be an anxiety-inducing exercise, but Reed Amber believes more openness is the key to reducing that awkwardness and stress. We all have questions, we’re all curious, and Reed understands that. She has a Youtube channel, ‘Come Curious’ where she and her co-host Florence answer all kinds of sex questions (where they also have an Instagram, for a sneaky bonus follow) Her feed is dedicated to sparking conversations around body positivity, inclusivity, gender and sexuality, and mental health.

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