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Kirtland AFB marches to honor 9/11 victims


Wednesday’s march started at 8:46 a.m. EDT, the same time a hijacked American Airlines flight flew into the World Trade Center 18 years ago today.

The 4-mile march took service members about an hour to complete.

“I think the ruck is important to me because people died on 9/11,” said Airman 1st Class Alex Aldrich.

“My dad has been a cop going on 19 years now and he had a big role in me joining the military. So the things that he’s dealt with and the things people dealt with on 9/11 going up and down those stairs, I think the least we can do is come out and run a 4-mile ruck,” Aldrich said.

Airmen filled their packs with 25 to 50 pounds of gear.

“It’s important today, during the ruck, to carry something extra on their backs to show that they remember and it resonates with them that we’re still carrying quite a load for this country,” Miller said.

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