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Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan mistook spinal TB for back pain for years


Bollywood Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has always been upfront about his battle with hepatitis and tuberculosis. The legendary actor has always emphasized on the importance of early detection and has spread a lot of awareness about the same due to his own complicated medical history.

The actor revealed a shocking fact about his tuberculosis while he was hosting a TV reality show last Friday.

During a discussion on hepatitis B and tuberculosis, Big B recalled how during his reality show in the year 2000 he got detected with tuberculosis after suffering from back pain for years. He underwent rigorous treatment for almost one year.

He said that he had mistaken spinal tuberculosis for a normal back pain that must have been caused by sitting on chair for long hours. It was almost after four-five years of having backache that the diagnosis was made.

On the reality TV show, he said
“Pehle saal, jab maine KBC shuru kiya, uss din se mujhe TB detect hua, spinal TB. Pata hi nahi tha aur teen char saal tak wo dard mai sehta raha aur mai sochta tha ki wo iss kursi ki wajah se ho raha hai, but it was actually tuberculosis. Aur detection iska 4-5 saal bad hua. Uske baad maine ilaaj kia aur theek ho gaya.”

He also said “If I am here in front of you and I am tuberculosis-free, it’s because I got detected well in time and got it treated.”

Early detection can save lives!

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