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​​​​​​​gun safety warning, thefts and charges


Gun safety warning

Police are reminding residents to secure their weapons as they continue to carry out firearms prohibition orders and weapons prohibition orders, as well as safe storage inspections as a part of Operation Armour.

Operation Armour has a focus on preventing, disrupting and reducing firearm thefts across regional areas, and has been ongoing since June.

The reminder comes following the theft of two rifles and a wallet from a vehicle parked at an east Deniliquin house between 9pm on Sunday and 7am yesterday.

Police said the items were in clear view and with no damage to the car, they believe the vehicle was left unlocked.

They said a 37 year-old Deniliquin man who owns the guns is expected to face charges for not ensuring the safe keeping of firearms and may lose his gun licence.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact police on 5881 9299 or CrimeStoppers on 1300 333 000.

Visit www.police.nsw.gov.au/online_services/firearms/safe_storage for information on your responsibilities as a gun owner.

Weapon charge

A 40 year-old Mathoura man has been issued a Field Court Attendance Notice for possession of a prohibited weapon following a routine random breath test on the Cobb Hwy at 12.55pm on Friday.

Police stopped the vehicle and alleged the man appeared to be hiding an item in the car.

While he passed his breath test, a search of the vehicle uncovered a slingshot, which is a prohibited weapon in New South Wales.

Without a permit for the weapon, the man will face court.

Thefts from north Deni houses

Several north Deniliquin houses along the Edward River have been targeted in a spree of break and enter to steal offences.

The thefts were connected when items stolen from one house were found when a nearby house had also been the target of thieves. Police said a camera and computer along with other electronic equipment were stolen from a house last month, while appliances, electronics, soft furnishings and multiple other items were taken from the other house.

Police say it is a timely warning to check and implement security measures with a spate of thefts happening across Deniliquin. Anyone with information should contact police on 5881 9299 or CrimeStoppers on 1300 333 000.

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