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Breast Cancer Research Grants Announced


Peoria, Ill. (WEEK) Metastatic Breast Cancer takes the lives of 42,000 people every year. Because of that, Susan G. Komen has announced their $26 Million investment in researching the incurable type of breast cancer.

The investment focuses on finding new treatments and understanding the disparities in patient outcomes.

Illinois researchers in Chicago will get more than $1 million of the investment.

The Komen Foundation says more than 154,000 women in the United States are living with this advanced stage of breast cancer that has spread outside the break, often to the brain, bones, liver and lungs.

“It means that there’s more money into the pot of understanding metastatic, not just metastatic breast cancer, health disparities, and treatments. New drugs will be developed because of these investments,” said Katie Parker with Susan G. Komen.

Parker adds that previous grants by Komen have discovered the impact of gene mutations and the increased risk for breast cancer.

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