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Lodge to open its doors for a men’s health night


Northampton’s Masonic Lodge will put on a free men’s health night on October 3.

“It will be a light-hearted look at a potentially serious problem,” worshipful master Ken Freeman said.

“With the change of season it is an ideal time to get together and have an informal chat, and we are not going to preach to anyone.”

Mr Freeman said women were “warmly encouraged” to come.

“The ladies can suffer depression as well as the blokes but being a men’s organisation we call it a men’s health night,” he said.

“Quite often you find the girls seem to be more ready to look after their own health, but if they come along with the blokes, quite often they’ll ask the questions that the blokes don’t ask.”

Mr Freeman said whereas a man might ignore a problem thinking it would go away, a woman would more likely ask “why isn’t it going away?”

He said he had run three similar events in Northampton and Geraldton about 12 years ago, and it seemed a good time to do it again.

Mr Freeman said two health professionals would be present, all were welcome, there was no dress standard and a light supper would be served.

The men’s health night will be held at the Hampton Lodge building, Hampton Road, Northampton at 7.30pm.

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