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The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Shopping List


The Mediterranean diet is rich in produce, and fruit is high on the list. While no fruit is off-limits, make sure you include as much diversity as possible. Try raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, pears, apples, nectarines, and figs. You can go for fresh or frozen and add them to salads, smoothies, or just eat them plain. Because you won’t be eating a lot of cookies or cakes on the Med diet (white flour isn’t encouraged when following the plan), fruit is also a great dessert option. Cut up a fresh fig and drizzle it with local honey and top it with a bit of crushed pistachio. Saute up an apple in a bit of olive oil with cinnamon, or make like restaurant revolutionary Alice Waters and eat a fresh piece, as ripe as possible, for nature’s perfect treat.

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