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A year on, Nick Cummins life is very different to his post-show reality.


But as his final two devastated women digested the news, Australia’s reaction as Cummins refused interviews and shied away from the public gaze evolved from confusion to anger.

A few months after the finale aired and the “hate” had somewhat died down, Cummins finally spoke.

“People are so brainwashed, you’re not going to get your fairytale ending every time,” he told ABC Radio National in December.

“What’s more important: me just saying ‘yes’ and going through the motions and dragging some girl through all the media about how we’re in love and then three months down the track after the contract’s over, we’re allowed to break up?” he continued, confirming there is a contractual agreement to stay together after The Bachelor.

In June 2019, we got more answers and a bit of an insight into how the fallout from the show affected the former Wallaby.

In a chat with Stellar he explained that The Bachelor took a huge toll on his mental health and he said the environment didn’t foster the conditions necessary to fall in love with someone, because they were never allowed to be alone.

“It really gave me direction and forced me to understand that meaning is a non-negotiable. You have to have that in your life,” he said.

“We are on this earth for a reason, and that’s to make a difference in someone else’s life.”

After being shaken by the experience, Cummins found himself heading back to the bush and nature. It was this journey that led him to establish Rogue Gentlemen’s Club; a group therapy business that provides excursions for men who want to unplug and reconnect with themselves and nature.

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