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Woman with breast cancer expresses gratitude for friends and family


First as neighbors and then as husband and wife, the Brasher’s found even more beauty in their two young daughters, Hannah and Rachel.

Andy and Kim had big plans for the new year. Kim wanted to start a new business— but sometimes life does not always go according to plan.

At only 40 years old, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to her bones.

“The doctor described it as an explosion,” Andy said.

Since Kim’s diagnosis, she has had nothing but overwhelming support—and now she wants to thank the people who stuck with her along the way.

“It’s just been amazing how the community has come running toward us, instead of away from us,” she said.

From complete strangers who became friends and from friends who became family, Kim has formed a lifetime bond with these women.

“My mother–in-law calls us the sisterhood because we’re there for each other no matter what. We drop everything for each other,” said Kim’s friend Malea Fowler.

Six rounds of chemo this summer is just the beginning for Kim. Her treatment is like a marathon with a moving finish line.

“I think it’s definitely helped knowing in the dark times there’s so much love around you that you didn’t even know— strangers coming out of the woodworks sort of just to help,” she said.

Kim has made it her mission to push through her pain.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to live as long as I can,” Kim said.

And most importantly, Kim strives to find the beauty in everything.

“If what support you have is it’s a beautiful day outside, and you can stop and notice the beauty around you, you take that in and absorb that,” she said.

Besides saying thank you to new friends, the Brasher’s want to acknowledge the New Mexico Cancer Institute as an asset to the state and encourage people to send their charity dollars to local research.

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