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THESE are the apps that will help your manage your blood sugar level


If you are a diabetic, you must be familiar with the back breaking task of keeping up with your health at all times. From blood sugar readings and medications to meals and physical activities, having diabetes means you have to keep track of a lot of information. While you can choose to keep records the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper, an app or two can simplify your life by giving you a place to log your data, see patterns, set goals and track progress!

Smartphone apps have become a commonplace feature that are becoming increasingly important tools in helping us navigate our daily lives and health. In fact, some apps are designed to make living with diabetes easier – helping with everything from diet and exercise to glucose monitoring and symptom management. Here are a few smartly designed apps to you should download to gain tighter control of your blood glucose levels.

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Here are the best android app for diabetes:

1. Fooducate

Fooducate is a nutrition-focused tracking app that helps you assess the quality of the foods you’re eating. Fooducate uses a built-in database of thousands of scannable barcodes which counts your macronutrients intake. It also helps you make good choices by assigning a letter grade (A, B, C or D) to a food’s nutrition quality. Fooducate also offers explanations and alternative recommendations. Diabetics can also get tips from nutrition professionals and community support for optimal blood sugar management!

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2. Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy is a must-have app for tracking blood glucose levels, insulin, medications, A1c results, and carb intake. It also keeps a record of your health while counting steps, exercise and food. The app and also offers push notifications to remind you when to check your blood sugar levels! The app will also create printable reports for you to bring to your next doctor’s appointment.

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3. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the most widely used food tracking apps. The app has an enormous food database with more than 6 million foods! The barcode scanner lets you check the nutritional value of food in your kitchen the app exercise tracker syncs with your food choices to help you meet your goals for weight management!

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4. BlueStar Diabetes

BlueStar Diabetes app provides 24/7, real-time coaching from certified diabetes educators. This comprehensive app is available only by prescription which is designed to be tailored to the needs of an individual. Once registered, users receive personalized guidance based on their blood glucose, medications, current health and a review of lifestyle factors affecting diabetes!

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