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Nebraska organization offers Thanksgiving meal for breast cancer survivors



Project Pink’d is a Nebraska and western Iowa based organization that provides tools and resources for anyone who deals with breast cancer.


Sunday, November 10th 2019, 6:19 PM CST

Sunday, they held a thanksgiving luncheon right here in Lincoln.

As the holiday season approaches, Project Pink’d wanted to lighten the burden for survivors going through treatment, or those who just need a little extra care.

They hosted a ‘Care to Share thanksgiving meal at the Cornhusker Marriott.

“There are so many that are fighting right now whether it be emotional or financial or just in their physical health while going through chemo or radiation  or surgery and they don feel like cooking that thanksgiving meal but they want to and they want to still share that love and that gratitude with their families,” says Cynthia Surgeon, President & Founder of the organization.

Survivors were invited to enjoy a complimentary thanksgiving meal, share their stories and broaden their community of fighters.

“You had that waiting time, right, we all had visited that waiting room we all sit there, the numbers and the unknowns and all the things that come, what if what if, what if,” says Vi Surgeon, a 15-year survivor who spoke at the luncheon.

They were also given pre-prepared thanksgiving meals to share with their families.

“They don’t have to cook it, it’s just warming it up and that way they can save their energy really just for loving their family.” Surgeon says.

Sturgeon founded Project Pink’d after being diagnosed with breast cancer herself. She says after diagnosis, there is a lot of gaps that aren’t talked about for survivors.

“From financial hardships, all the way to emotional stress and fear and you name it, just how to live a better and healthy life and we wanted to do something so Project Pink’d was formed,” she says.


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