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No new cases of virus infection reported on Sunday morning in Shanghai


No additional coronavirus cases were reported in the city on Sunday morning, while three recovered patients were discharged, the Shanghai Health Commission said.

Meanwhile, another nine suspected cases were ruled out.

So far, the city has reported 337 infections and ruled out 2,410 suspected cases.

Among all confirmed patients, aged between 7 months and 88 years old, 145 have traveled or lived in Hubei Province, 34 have traveled or lived in other regions and 158 had contact history with infected persons.

A total of 111 patients are from outside the city, while 226 are local residents: those with registered residency and people staying in the city for over six months.

According to the local health commission, 35 patients are stable and nine are critical. A total of 290 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospital.

There have been three local fatalities so far. Another 30 suspected cases are undergoing tests.

Zheng Jin, a spokeswoman of the commission, said local hospitals have given long-term prescriptions for chronic complaints like hypertension and diabetes to avoid patients visiting hospitals too frequently.

“About 30 percent of prescription made in February are long-term,” she said. “We will step up Internet hospitals to provide residents more choices for medical advice.”

Dr Ning Guang, president of Ruijin Hospital, said the hospital is reopening its ordinary out-patient service gradually. “We are offering services while ensuring virus prevention by regulating one-way passages and require all patients to have appointments.

“Key departments like respiratory and infectious disease have improved their safety regimes,” he said. “For some departments like oncology, hematology and radiotherapy, we set up special areas to ensure safety as these patients have weaker immune systems.”

“Services with higher risks like eyes, ear, nose and throat, and gastrointestinal endoscopy resumed last week, while dental services will reopen gradually next week,” he said.

Health officials also suggest people use free online consultations. “Neighborhood health centers also can provide advice and drug prescription. Patients can visit nearby neighborhood health centers,” he said.

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