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Kim Kardashian speaks at length about his skin disease


In a long article published on the blog of her sister Kourtney, Kim Kardashian speaks at length about the disease from which she suffers for thirteen years : psoriasis.

“I experienced my first outbreak of psoriasis thirteen years ago. My experience has been very different from that of my mother, but I also see a lot of similarities. She (Kris Jenner, her mother, editor’s note) was in the scalp and elsewhere on the body. I saw him all the time and I remember that she went to a tanning salon to try to relieve the pain. Receive UV rays on the plates has really helped my mother. For me, on the other hand, this cure me burning and causes itching,” writes the star on the site Poosh.

“I’ve learned to live with”

When psoriasis occurs after a cold, Kim Kardashian, aged 25 years, is reached at the level of the belly and legs. After this initial crisis, the disease leaves the respite at the young woman for five years.

“It is at this point that my journey with psoriasis has truly begun. Over the past eight years, although the appearance of plates is unpredictable, my plate of main, on the right leg, is constantly present. I’ve learned to live with, without the use of cream or medicine. Sometimes I hid it (with make-up, editor’s note), sometimes not. It does bother me, not really”, she says.

The testimony is accompanied by many pictures showing the with of Kim Kardashian with psoriasis in various parts of the body – the legs mainly but also the face – and degrees of severity different.

The psoriasis had completely disappeared during my two pregnancies (her two other children were born by a surrogate mother, editor’s note). It was great, but it reappeared after. It has worsened in the beginning of the year, it covered my whole face and a large part of my body,” continues the star.

Psoriatic arthritis

And the path of Kim K does not stop. In addition to the plates, she also suffered for some time from psoriatic arthritis, an evolution of the disease, which causes severe pain.

Beyond sharing her own experience, the article is also a way for the star to help people suffering from psoriaris : “You must not let it ruin your life. You must do what you can to ensure that you are comfortable and do not let the disease take over”. “Regardless of where the plaques occur, sometimes I am able to show it and other times I don’t want this to be a distraction, then I cover it with makeup”, she adds.

If Kim Kardashian is engaged as never before, especially through the many shots, this is not the first time that she evokes publicly the psoriasis. In several episodes of the reality tv show family, the disease is shown in a straightforward manner. In one of them in particular, she was trying, without success, to quell their plates using breast milk from her sister Kourtney.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease of the skin, which affects 2 to 4% of the western population.


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