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Coronavirus in northeast China behaving differently, says expert

The coronavirus is behaving differently in patients who have contracted it recently in northeast China compared with early cases, indicating it is changing as it spreads, a prominent doctor has said.

China, which has largely brought the virus under control, has found new clusters of infections in the northeastern border provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang in recent weeks, raising concern about a second wave.

Qiu Haibo, an expert in critical care medicine who is part of a National Health Commission expert group, said the incubation period of the virus in patients in the northeast was longer than that of patients in Wuhan, where the virus emerged late last year.

“This causes a problem, as they don’t have any symptoms. So when they gather with their families they don’t care about this issue and we see family cluster infections,” Qiu told state broadcaster CCTV in a programme aired late on Tuesday.

Patients in the northeastern clusters were also carrying the virus for longer than earlier cases in Wuhan, and were taking longer to recover, while they also rarely exhibited fever and tended to suffer damage to the lungs rather than across multiple organs, he said.




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