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BBC Radio Derby presenter opens up about depression


Andy Twigge

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Andy Twigge’s words led to a large reaction from listeners

A BBC presenter has spoken openly about his depression and how downturns in his career “broke” him.

Andy Twigge, who presents a show on BBC Radio Derby, opened up after an interview with fellow DJ Ian Skye.

Mr Twigge said there were times he worked so hard he “forgot he was married”.

He said: “When I talk openly about it now – I’m not ashamed any more – it lifts something off you, I feel better for it.”

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week Ian Skye and Andy Twigge spoke about the pressures they had faced.

Mr Twigge revealed he had been on medication for years and his mental state had taken a toll on his marriage.

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Andy Twigge with Mary Berry at the Chatsworth Country Fair in 2018

“I’ve not been the easiest person to live with – at certain points of my life I think I actually forgot I was married to Joanne, I was more married to the job and things get on top of you.

“When you suffer [with depression] you think everything is personal and I take that home with me.

“Things can lift you as quick as a missile but you come down as quickly.”

He felt counselling, along with a wider change in attitudes to mental health, had proved vital.

The interview produced a large reaction from listeners with one texting in to say: “Many thanks to Andy for one of the bravest and most moving conversations/statements I have ever heard anywhere”.

On Facebook one comment said: “You are an inspiration and I am listening with my teenage son who has his struggles.

“I’ve turned my radio up listening to you today. I’m in tears. Trust me you are saving lives today by doing this. Thank you so much.”

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