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Roland’s Story Inspires Stroke Survivors and Their Families


From behind his computer screen, Roland Takaoka was the smiling, popular host behind the “Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties” program and “The Positivity Show.” He was the wingman behind “The Difference Makers” show with Lynn Sanders, the Founder/Media Host at Difference Makers Media, and mentored Aaron Avila, the CEO of Stroke TV Foundation, an online platform that reaches thousands of viewers worldwide.

Most people never knew that Roland was entirely paralyzed on his right side from a third stroke. Most never knew that he had a transformation during recovery. Or that he had written a memoir detailing his experiences in the hospital, rehab and at home. Roland’s manuscript lay hidden away, and Sanders was one of the only people who had a copy in her computer.

Roland’s encounter with an enlightened physical therapist had demonstrated that “whatever you focus on, you attract.” So, Roland decided to put The Law of Attraction into practice and focus on finding joy in every situation.

Determined to heal as much as possible, Roland reinvented his life. From his past pre-stroke career as a popular disc jockey and professional guitarist, Roland became proficient at website development and creating online media programs. His warm, engaging personality attracted numerous fans. One of them, Lynn Sanders, enlisted Roland to monitor the comment stream on her live programs and hired him as her website developer.

“He was smart, funny and always positive,” said Sanders thoughtfully. “Everyone loved him. His motto was ‘Expand In Joy’ and he exemplified living life to the fullest.”

Aaron Avila, CEO of Stroke TV Foundation, a nonprofit media program that’s dedicated to helping stroke survivors express temselves, learned how to create his broadasting program from Roland.

“Roland transformed my life,” said Avila. “His book will inspire everyone who reads it.” Stroke TV reaches thousands of viewers worldwide several times each week.

When Roland suddenly passed away from a fourth stroke, Sanders knew she needed to publish his story. ROLAND’S STORY: INSPIRED BY A STROKE in November, 2019, and its impact continues to help people understand how our thoughts affect our reality. To learn more, visit: www.RolandTakaoka.com. You can also watch an interview by Lynn with her friend Roland Takaoka at: http://bit.ly/DM-Roland.

ROLAND’S STORY is highly praised by business leaders and can be purchased at the WInnetka Bookstall and on Amazon. Sanders is offering a free story strategy consultation for business owners, authors and nonprofit organizations who want to expand their exposure, build their impact, and generate revenue through their stories. Contact Sanders, Difference Makers Media at: 847-501-2867. Or email: [email protected].


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