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Growing global sex toy sales gets big boost from pandemic


Sex toy sales are expected to steadily rise in the coming years.

The forecast for global sex toy sales looked strong even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

But now, with people self-isolating at home to limit the spread of the coronavirus until their is a cure, what does one do to spice up your sex life – with or without a partner – amid all this extra free time?

Buy a sex toy or two.

“Growing demand from customers to enhance sexual experience is expected to boost growth,” according to analysis from Market Research Inc., a global research firm based in California.

“Sex toys or novelty adult toys are gaining importance in the sexual wellness industry with increasing popularity among all age groups.”

The research firm predicts a compound annual growth rate of 9.1% over the next five years.

In Australia, one of the country’s largest online retailers of sex toys and adult novelties has seen a boost due to the pandemic.

“We are selling almost double the amount of products for couples we usually do at this time of the year,” said Chris Joseph, the head of operations at Randy Fox.

“Most people in relationships are spending more time with their partners, simply because of the nature of the lockdown. Couples are exploring adventurous and exciting ways to add more fun in their relationship and make the most of their time together.”

Joseph said the company saw a 30% increase in total sales figures from the previous month before the shutdown.

The feel-good news is no different in the U.S.

According to luxury sex shop Pure Romance in Cincinnati, sales have grown 41% in April compared to April 2019.

“During this time, we’ve seen the world take time to focus on relationships, sexual health and self-care,” said shop founder Patty Brisben.


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