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Beat Tuberculosis through yogasanas that will strengthen your lungs, shared by Swami Ramdev


TB is an infectious disease caused by the tuberculosis bacteria. TB is proving more dangerous than corona in India. Where there had been around 15 thousand deaths due to coronavirus in the last 3 months, TB, on the other hand, has taken the lives of around 20 thousand people in 3 months. In the year 2019, 24 lakh cases of TB were reported in India out of which 89 thousand people died. Treatment of TB patients is being greatly affected due to Coronavirus. Where the central government had targeted a TB-free India by 2025 but these days, due to the lack of proper care and treatment of TB patients due to COVID-19, the number is increasing rapidly.

According to Swami Ramdev, TB can be present in the spinal cord, uterus, kidney, throat, etc. besides the lungs. It spreads easily from one person to another. Both corona and TB attack the lungs and therefore yoga guru Swami Ramdev shares tips on how you can beat these dangerous diseases easily by practicing yoga and pranayam.

Symptoms of TB

  • Prolonged cough problem
  • Stains in the lungs on X-rays.
  • TB can also occur due to weak intestines.
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Exhaustion due to lack of strength in the body.

Yogasana to get rid of TB


Bhujangasana: Do this asana 10-50 times. This will reduce your weight as well as your lungs will be healthy. Keep the spine strong. Get rid of lung and spinal TB.

Tadasana– Effective in getting rid of TB, helpful in weight gain, full-body workout, beneficial for all people, get relief from depression, stretches the muscles of the whole body, helpful in increasing length

Konasana– Makes the thigh and hips flexible. For this posture, first of all, stand upright and keep a slight gap between the two legs. Then take a long breath, bend your neck and tilt your body to the right. Bring the left hand up towards the armpit and move the right hand slowly down on the right ankle. After this, balance the speed and body of both hands. After doing this posture for some time, do it from the other side. If you have back pain, do not bend forward much, while if you have a Hernia, avoid bending over backward.

Surya Namaskar– Do about 5 minutes daily. After this, keep increasing it regularly. With this, your body will remain fit as well as it will keep you away from diseases.

Dand Bethak- Do 10 to 50 times. This helps to get rid of TB of bones, lungs, uterus, etc. With this, the whole body will remain healthy.

Uttanapadasana– It is effective in relieving TB of the intestines and uterus. Apart from this, you will get rid of obesity. The spine will be stronger. Keep heart, liver, lungs etc. healthy.

Naukasana– By doing this asana, you will get rid of obesity, diabetes, corona etc. along with TB.

Mandukasana– For this posture, sit down in Vrajasana or Padmasana. After this, take a deep breath and bend the fingers of both your hands and make a fist. Now keep the fist of both hands on either side of the navel and while exhaling, bend forward. After staying in this posture for a while, then again become relaxed, exhaling with ease. Do this asana 5-6 times. Performing this asana is beneficial for diabetics. Help to increase immunity as well as release insulin in the pancreas.

Ushtrasana– First of all sit on your knees on yoga mats and put your hands comfortably on your hips. After this, the soles of the feet remain towards the roof. Breathing in, pressurize the lower spine to come forward. Now bend the waist backwards. Gently make the palms strong on the feet. Do not stress at all. After remaining in this posture for some time, you can get back to the old stage. By doing this yoga, the digestive and reproductive system works properly. Relieves back pain, thyroid, etc.






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