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Caution! Poor sleep in teens can result in depression


Good quality of sleep, at any age, is vital but in the adolescent and teenage years, it becomes all the more important. There are certain things parents can do to ensure that their teenager is getting good sleep and reduce the risk of bad mental health

-Keep a tab on their screentime.

-Engage them in activities which tire them through the day

-Physical activity and the right diet play a crucial role in taking care of your teenager’s health.

-Do not encourage them to study for late all the time. Encourage them to maintain a disciplined schedule.

-Keep caffeinated drinks away from teenagers, as much as possible. While a cup or two won’t do great damage, it’s best their intake be kept to a bare minimum.

-Bedrooms should be kept dark and free of distractions (aka, like a television, laptop or phone) especially during bedtime.



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