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Kimberley’s condition improving after stroke | News


Penticton city Coun. Jake Kimberley is making slow progress in his recovery from a stroke.

Mayor John Vassilaki provided an update on Kimberley at the end of Tuesday’s meeting, the first since Kimberley, 80, was hospitalized July 1.

“He’s getting better than he was on Day 1,” said Vassilaki, who received his information from one of Kimberley’s sons.

“His right side is paralyzed, but (his son) thought his faculties were all there. He’s starting to joke around, which is a good sign.”

There is no legislation limiting the time an elected official can be absent from work due to illness, and the mayor said that’s not a pressing concern right now anyway.

“Whether he comes back to council or not, we’re not too worried about that at the present time. Everything is cool,” said Vassilaki.

Council meets again July 21, then has just one meeting scheduled in August.

Kimberley is a three-term mayor who topped the polls when he emerged from retirement in 2018.


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