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Melfort McDonald’s employee tests positive for tuberculosis


MELFORT — McDonald’s Canada has released in a statement that some employees are getting tested in their Melfort location after one was diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB).

Previous guests are not thought to be of risk for infection.

TB is caused by bacteria that most often affect the lungs and is spread from person to person through the air. While it is curable and preventable, it can be deadly if left untreated.

Symptoms include cough, fever, night sweats or weight loss – but may be mild for many months. This results in delays in seeking care and results in transmission of the bacteria to others.

“We are following the directions and guidance from officials at the Saskatchewan Health Authority,” said Raj Bains, Melfort McDonald’s Canada franchisee, in a statement.

“As part of its contact tracing protocol, all members of my restaurant team who may have been in close contact with this employee have been contacted by the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  For our guests who are concerned or have questions, please contact the Saskatchewan Health Authority. “

Employees who were in close contact received a letter dated Aug.11.

“The person has been receiving treatment since their diagnosis and is no longer a risk to staff,” the Saskatchewan Health Authority stated. “Guests were not at risk of being infected with TB.”

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