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Tuberculosis found in person who was at Melfort McDonald’s


The letter said that the person was at the Melfort McDonald’s between the periods of April and May, but it didn’t say if the individual was an employee. The SHA also didn’t comment on why it took until August for individuals to be notified.

The owner of the Melfort McDonald’s did not return contact attempts prior to publication.

According to the Government of Canada, tuberculosis is spread through the release of droplets from an infected person. That could include things like coughing and sneezing. Symptoms of tuberculosis include a bad cough that can last more than two weeks. The cough could bring up blood or phlegm as well. Other symptoms include chest pain, weakness or tiredness, weight loss, a lack of appetite, chills, fever, and night sweats.

Those who are most at risk include those with silicosis, HIV or AIDS, diabetes, long-term kidney disease that requires dialysis, and cancer of the head or neck. Those who are underweight or are heavy drinkers are also at risk of contracting tuberculosis.

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