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A 26-year-old German suffered a stroke while on vacation in Italy. The terrible incident is made even more dramatic by the Corona crisis. Now there is news.

  • Maja (26) from Hanover suffered in Sicily (Italy) in the vacation a stroke.
  • Her boyfriend Giuseppe she was allowed to corona did not visit and started a touching action.
  • Now there is little positive news.

Update from August 22, 2020: Giuseppe went out for a day Instagram withdrawn and asks for your understanding that he will not answer questions for so long. But what all who share in Maja’s fate after their stroke have taken, should be pleased: He explains that their transport to Germany went well. “Still, I want to mention that the flight very was good and Maja is very stable and in good hands! “he writes in his Instagramstory.

Maja (26) suffered a stroke while on vacation in Sicily (see below). Since then, thousands have followed her story and crossed their fingers that she will be back soon healthy becomes.

Update from August 21, 2020: There is news from Majathat are in Italy vacation one stroke had suffered. Her friend Giuseppe met up late Thursday night with a six-minute Instagram video addressed to around 1200 followers.

“Great day today, I’ll put it this way,” he explains, which is initially surprising in his situation. But there is actually very positive news: Maja is coming home! The Maltese had a return transport of the 26-year-old educator, who is in an artificial coma Sicily organized to Germany. “A couple of examinations have been made. It’s not risk-free, but it’s low-risk. We’re going home tomorrow. We could never have done it without your help. I am overwhelmed when I think about how I was doing three days ago. I was there helplessly. “

How is Maja? With the Heart everything is fine, she doesn’t have any Cerebral hemorrhage, “I was terrified of that”, so Giuseppe“Because it would have made things even more critical and complicated than it already is.” The pent-up blood is loosened with blood thinners. “Today the positive news that this medical therapy is taking effect. That means it slowly begins to thin out, to dissolve. You said it was coming off a little, a little, a little. It was clear to me that there would be and remain small steps, I am grateful for every small step. This is the first positive message I get after six difficult days. It’s moving forward, that’s what’s important .. ”

He thanks everyone for their prayers and donations and nearly 1000 voice messages. Today Maja is supposed to be in Hanover land and be handed over to the care of the doctors there.

Shock in Italy vacation: stroke at 26! Drama about Maja from Germany in the middle of the coronavirus crisis

Our article from August 20, 2020: Catania – One can only wish her and her relatives the greatest possible strength. And of course that Maja soon wakes up again and becomes completely healthy. Thousands are currently taking part in the fate of the 26-year-old Hanover. The educator suffered in Sicily-Holiday one stroke. your Friend Giuseppe started a touching action.

Maja (26) from Hanover: Stroke on vacation in Italy

The drama came out loud Aerial Lower Saxony on August 13th, the last day of the joint four-week vacation in Italy. Maja got over a headache sued. She took a pain pill, then both went to the sea anyway. “She said: ‘I somehow have a strange feeling in my arms’”, Giuseppe describes the radio station. “Suddenly Maja tipped over and couldn’t speak properly,” she quotes image. It is now known: She suffered a stroke – at the age of only 26 years.

Until then, he had posted wonderful, carefree holiday photos on Giuseppe’s Instagram profile – then fate struck, and the young man who calls his girlfriend “my princess” described the sad story in a long post over the weekend.

Check out this post on Instagram

#majawerdwach #majawerdwach #majawerdwach #majawerdwach ++ All the strength for my princess ++ My name is Giuseppe Vicino and I already mention that I am grateful for any support! Maja and I spent 4 wonderful weeks here in Sicily! # On August 13th my princess suffered a thrombosis in the brain and suffered a stroke and has been in an artificial coma ever since! Since I am firmly convinced that coma patients can also perceive stimuli, I ask you a favor. # Unfortunately, thanks to the corona requirements, I can neither speak to her nor touch her or see her, which makes me deeply sad. Still, I want my princess to know how many people want her to wake up! Above all, how much I want her to wake up and finally be able to take her in my arms. It breaks my heart to have the thought that no one will tell her what kind of fighter she is and above all it breaks my heart that I can’t tell her how much I miss her and that I don’t want anything other than her with me to have! Let’s let her know how many prayers and how many thoughts there are with her. Even if many do not know me or do not know them, I ask you to send me a voice message on the phone number under the comments, as if you were in front of her bed to tell her how much I miss her, how much she is from her, from my family and how much she is missed by her friends! There shouldn’t be any condolence messages, please! Please please send me courage messages. Voice messages that show her how many people think of her. Voice messages in which it is described how great and how brave she is and that she should never never give up just as I will never give up the thought of being able to take her in my arms again soon. Dear Maja, I love you immortally above all else. Here in Sicily I will not take a step from you until this horror is over. You should know that in this situation I can see how weak I am and how strong you are! You are the very strongest! ❤️

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Because of Corona: Giuseppe is not allowed to see his girlfriend in the clinic

Maja is in a hospital in Catania (Sicily / Italy), became ins artificial coma offset. Communication with the six treating doctors is good, explains Giuseppe Aerial Lower Saxony. But since she’s in a coma, he’s allowed her because of the Corona*-Precautions no longer attend. “Since then I have unfortunately no chance to see my Maja, nor to speak nor to touch. That’ll knock me out. ”His Grandparentswho live in Sicily take care of him.

Giuseppe continues: “I can’t just wait. I also have a guilty conscience when I wait and have to move something. ”That’s why he started via Instagram* an appeal – he collects voice messages that he burns onto a CD so that they can be played to Maja in the clinic. Around 1,000 came together by August 19. He also collects donations to bring Maja back to Germany despite the difficult Corona * situation and her Rehab finance. The hashtag of his actions: #majawerdwach

Again and again Giuseppe posts moving words Instagram*, also on the evening of August 19th: “Maja, my dear Maja. I miss you so incredibly. I took the strength to watch two videos of you in the last 10 minutes and hear your voice. I can’t describe how much I miss you, your voice and your clumsy manner. Dear God, please look how beautiful this girl is and also see what kind of person Maja is. She’s a person who absolutely doesn’t deserve to be in a situation like this. Dear God, meanwhile I see this struggle as a challenge, as a challenge for the limitless love that a person should give. I accept this challenge. I will show you how unconditionally I love and will win this fight! Maja my angel, I love you more than anything. Don’t give up like I would never give up on you. “

More and more people are taking via Instagram Share in Maya’s fate. “A lot of power still. Maja, you beautiful being … wake up quickly! Beautiful words, ”it says in the comments. Or also: “Giuseppe, I pray for you … your words touch me deeply … I know what you are going through … may God protect you …” Because of Corona, hundreds of tourists are also sitting on a mini-island firmly. (lin) (tz.de is part of the Ippen-Digital editors network).


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