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Health Matters: The Role of a Gynecologist

From birth control to menopause, when it comes to women’s health, Dr. Eric Feinberg, an OB/GYN with Lee Health, says it’s important for patients to address any and all medical concerns with their physician. “It’s important to provide a safe comfortable, nonjudgmental environment. And I find that although initially, it’s probably a little uncomfortable, it’s almost as if a flood gate opens up of relief once they realize that they are in a safe place.”

OB/GYNs can educate their patients on the benefits of hormone therapy, birth control, and sexual health. “One of the most common things I’ll see is pain related to sexual activity. There should not be a pain. Pain can be a hallmark of something minor, such as an infection. It can be the hallmark of something more major such as endometriosis or scar tissue, so there’s a lot of different things so evaluating that pain what’s the underlying cause, how do we get past it, and how do we get to a sexually satisfying life,” said Dr. Feinberg.

Regular visits with your gynecologist can also help to prevent diseases, infections, and screen for certain cancers. “Cervical cancer should be almost preventable if it’s screened at the correct interval, we do breast cancer screening as well, making sure mammograms are done at the appropriate time,” he said.

Helping women address any medical concerns while educating them on how to protect their overall health.

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