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Silverleaf brings sexual trauma services to Leitchfield


Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Recovery Services and the Grayson County Health Department are joining forces with a new partnership.

The partnership will allow the non-profit to expand free services to victims of sexual trauma in Grayson County through telehealth therapy services, Silverleaf Executive Director Jillian Carden says.

Silverleaf’s staff recognize that the travel time, gas money and reliable transportation are barriers for many. To increase accessibility to services, particularly for therapy which can occur on a weekly basis, Silverleaf began looking for office options. In partnership with the Grayson County Health Department, Silverleaf will begin providing telehealth therapy and on-site advocacy services in September from the health department office at 124 E. White Oak St. in Leitchfield.

Sexual violence impacts a significant number of individuals, Carden said in a news release. She said nationally, one in four women and one in seven men will be the victim of sexual violence at some point in their life. Approximately, one in 10 children will be the victim of sexual abuse before they turn 18 years old. And, unlike common messages of “stranger danger,” statistics point out that most victims are abused by a family member or someone they know, she said.
Silverleaf, based in Elizabethtown, is a non-profit agency serving the eight counties in the Lincoln Trail Area Development District, which includes Grayson County.

Silverleaf provides free services to individuals and family members who have been impacted by sexual violence such as molestation, assault, rape and human trafficking. The services are not only offered to the victims but also to the family members who are impacted by secondary and tertiary trauma.

Silverleaf’s services consist of therapy, legal and family advocacy, and forensic interviewing and medicals. They also offer trainings for schools, businesses, churches and community partners about sexual violence prevention, trauma and safety.

The Grayson County Health Department only will be helping guide individuals to the office space for telehealth appointment, according to Carden, who says the non-profit is renting space from the health department for $300 monthly.

Any appointments with Silverleaf’s counselors cannot be made through the health department, individuals should call Silverleaf to setup their appointments. If individuals are interested in setting up an appointment, they can call Silverleaf at 270-234-9236.

There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the health department at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1, to celebrate the partnership. Masks will be required, along with social distancing.


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