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Doctors: Don’t let coronavirus fears stop critical screenings


However, putting off those screenings and other vital services that can’t be done via tele-medicine pose a far greater health risk.

As doctors nationwide are warning, failing to find cancers early when they can be treated can have deadly consequences.

Not getting follow-up care for chronic illnesses can lead to disability, even blindness.

Dr. John Bennett, president and CEO of CDPHP, says talk with your care provider before your visit and discuss the safety measures in place to ease your concerns.

“You should ask your provider what precautions they’ve taken. Whether or not they will have appropriate protective equipment, masks available, what have you,” said Bennett.

You’ll be screened for symptoms when you first walk into the office.

Dr. Bennett points out tele-visits can help identify a health problem early to encourage patients to come in for a more detailed exam and treatment.

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