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New Four-Part Sex and Couples Therapy Series!


Register today for Dr. Joe Kort’s new four-part Sex and Couples Therapy series with Iamgo Relationships North America!

Topics include:

‘A Primer for Introducing Sex in Couples Therapy’

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate sexual desire discrepancy
  • Conduct assessment for sexual health of the relationship
  • Question couples more comfortably about their sexual lives
  • Teach couples dialogues to connect sexually

‘Trauma & Erotic Recovery’

Learning Objectives

  • Provide concrete strategies to help trauma survivors live more sexually fulfilling lives.
  • Talk about sexual pleasure as it relates to each individual clients’ personal erotic code.
  • Develop and express erotic empathy for their clients as well as themselves by reflecting on their own unexamined sexual and erotic conflicts they may have as well
  • Dialogue with clients about sexual health from a sex positive place

‘When the Other Woman is a Man’

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the psychological meaning of the arousal template of the men who seek sex with men (MSM’s) who are not gay or bisexual.
  • Teach the couple how to communicate in non-reactive ways about sexuality and to understand what the behavior means and how it impacts the marriage.
  • Address the fears, anxieties and insecurities of these wives about her husband’s sexual interests and how to help her listen effectively to him without it being personalized

‘When Your Partner is Kinky

Learning Objectives

  • Apply kink positive affirming therapy
  • Teach couples how to negotiate kink
  • Interpret self-shame and help increase self-compassion
  • Discuss and help couples develop erotic empathy and compassion
  • Prepare couples to integrate kink into sexual life

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