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Report: 16% of County Employees Depressed


Depression diagnoses afflict 16.2 percent of Loudoun County employees according to the county’s health insurance provider Cigna, well above the 10.8 percent of people with the diagnosis the company normally sees.

The Board of Supervisors’ finance committee’s review of Loudoun’s health insurance plan also included a look at some areas of focus for the next year. Those include increased virtual care, where patients can see a doctor without leaving home, which is also on average a cheaper visit, and trying to encourage more employees to get annual dental checkups to avoid more serious treatment down the road. Loudoun public employees already get an annual checkup more often than the average—about 50 percent of employees had a well visit in the past year, compared to the insurer’s norm of 47 percent. And a lower-than-norm percentage of employees with chronic conditions made insurance claims to deal with them, 46.5 percent of employees with chronic conditions seeking care compared to the norm of 53.3 percent.

The county government also offers its employees a wellness program, offering rewards to employees who take part in preventative health activities and wellness events.

In Fiscal Year 2019, the county spent $57.1 million on its self insurance fund.


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