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Friends golf for men’s mental health


A group of men prepare to tee off at Bugsy and Bees Battle for the Hat, a fundraiser supporting men’s mental health( Tiffany Goodwein/ CHAT NEWS)

By Tiffany Goodwein

Sep 19, 2020 6:29 PM

MEDICINE HAT AB,- It started off as just a day to get together with friends, but it quickly evolved. About 20 people, all friends, teed off at the Desert Blume Golf Course Saturday to raise money for men’s mental health.

“During the COVID summer, it’s been kind of tough to move around, travel around so we’ve had a number of our friends that used to live here born and raised, lived here, and then moved to Calgary. said co-organizer Sean Bourassa.

The friends, each with a connection to the city wanted to do something to support men struggling with mental health, especially given the recent rash of male suicides in the city.

“ This situation I think has affected all of us in some way. Medicine Hat’s a small city and I think we all know situations that have happened recently or in the past where this has affected somebody in this tournament directly or indirectly,” Bourassa said.


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