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Slumberland employee helps save customer who had a stroke


WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) –

Brianna Normand takes dozens of calls each day as a sales associate for Slumberland in West Fargo. Though, she could have never known a delivery call would end with her potentially saving a stranger’s life.

“She sounded flustered,” Normand says. “She wasn’t sure what she was meaning to talk about.”

Normand was talking with a customer when she noticed something seemed off. As the conversation continued, Normand trusted her gut which was telling her the woman was showing signs of a stroke.

“During the conversation, I kept asking if she was okay,” she says. “She kept saying she was fine. I asked her if she needed me to call anybody and she said no.”

Still, Normand pushed on. She called 911 and told them about the situation, sending help to the woman’s house.

“I think if I hadn’t called, it would have weighed on my mind completely.”

The following day, Slumberland received a call from the woman’s son.

“He called me and he was very emotional,” Slumberland General Manager Derick Vettleson says. “He said Brianna had called dispatch. They went to check on her and she in fact had had a stroke.”

Her son says he couldn’t believe a business would go the extra mile, not taking his mom’s answer that she was fine and calling 911.

“Thankfully, Brianna took the phone call that day and his mom got the care that she needed,” Vettleson says.

Thanks to Brianna, the woman is on her way to recovery.

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