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Let’s talk female sexual health- The New Indian Express


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KOCHI: Female sexuality and genitalia have rarely been topics for open discussion in India due to our prevalent conservative views on the subject. There is a big shift from this thought in the western world over the last two decades and developing countries like India are catching up. Cosmetic gynaecology or aesthetic gynaecology is an exciting new medical field which has evolved in the last few years contributing to the overall wellbeing of women. 

New technologies to explore
Carbon dioxide laser, Erbium-YAG laser, Radio Frequency [RF], high intensity focussed ultrasound [HIFU] are the new modalities that developed in the last few years. Women can have procedures done without having to go under the knife. The laser can be used for vaginal tightening in post-menopausal women or those who feel their vagina is lax. Lasers also help with urinary incontinence or leakage which many women suffer from after menopause. Additional benefits include increased lubrication and prevention of recurrent vaginal infections like candidiasis.

By building up collagen, it also helps in treating mild vaginal prolapses. Lasers have also been used to treat skin conditions like warts and scars. The main advantage is that woman do not require any form of anaesthesia to undergo this procedure. The OP procedure takes just three sittings to finish. Various surgical procedures like labiaplasty, perineoplasty and vaginal repairs can be done to correct deformities to the external genitalia after a normal or instrumental delivery.  

Platelet-rich plasma treatment
PRP contains growth factors separated from the patient’s blood platelet. It has great potential as anti-ageing medicine, hair growth, skin treatment, breast enhancement, treatment of stretch marks, and caesarean scars. As it is derived from one’s body, it does not trigger allergic reactions or other side effects. PRP injections are a non-surgical alternative for female sexual dysfunction, reduced lubrication and urinary leakage. It can also be used for sexual enhancement by application to the clitoris and the G-Spot. (Recent studies have proven the existence of this anatomical spot containing a neurovascular complex).
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Specialised PCOS clinic
Specialised PCOS clinics will have a team of specialists treating women who are bothered by facial hair, acne, hair loss, pigmentations, psychological issues, irregular periods etc to help them manage the polycystic ovarian syndrome.

The author is trained in cosmetic gynaecology, with a diploma from American Aesthetic Association


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