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ADM Animal Nutrition Releases New Forage First GS Supplement for Working Horses – The Horse


New equine supplement is formulated to provide high-quality nutritional support for gastrointestinal health

Quincy, Illinois (September 24, 2020) — Forage First® GS is a new, unique supplement from ADM Animal Nutrition formulated to provide nutritional support for equine gastrointestinal health. It aids in the relief of gastric discomfort.

Forage First GS is a triple-action formula that utilizes a proprietary blend of minerals and high-quality ingredients to provide positive results for equines with gastric discomfort. The synergy of our triple-action formula works to neutralize stomach pH, optimize gastric health, and support equines during stressful events. Forage First GS can be fed as part of a meal or in-between meals as a snack or treat.

“Forage is a critical component of equine nutrition,” said Michael Barret, consumer products business manager for ADM Animal Nutrition. “That’s why we formulated a new high-quality supplement that supports and optimizes gut health and relieves gastric discomfort. Here at ADM, we believe you should feed the best to the ones you the love the most.”

What it Does:

  • Proprietary mineral mix buffers and increases stomach acid to increase gastric pH
  • Contains dried chicory root: a source of inulin, which is a soluble, fermentable fiber
  • Lecithin-phospholipids help strengthen gastric mucosal cells
  • No molasses or cereal grains to help normalize gastric pH
  • Elevated zinc and Vitamin E to promote healing
  • As the first ingredient, alfalfa is rich  in protein and calcium, and helps buffer gastric contents

Forage First® GS is designed to be fed as a top-dress and/or snack three to four times per day. Feed at a rate of 15 g per 100 lb of body weight per meal. An average horse weighing 1,000 lb would receive 0.33 lb per meal. For more information, please visit www.ADManimalnutrition.com/equine

About ADM Animal Nutrition

ADM Animal NutritionTM is a leading manufacturing, nutrition and marketing business offering a wide range of leading-edge products for the animal nutrition market. Known as a global leader in amino acids, ADM also offers, high-quality feed products, supplements, premixes, custom ingredient blends and specialty feed ingredients to aid in optimizing animal health and nutrition goals.  www.admanimalnutrition.com/equine



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