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What is Cica Cream and How it Works For Sensitive And Dry Skin


Cica Cream is the new-buzz-worthy ingredient which is doing rounds on the internet. It is a go-to cream for anyone suffering from skin-sensitivity or flare-ups. If you have dry, sensitive, or eczema-prone skin- Cica Cream is the solution.
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Cica’s scientific name is Centella Asiatica, also known as Gotu kola or tiger grass is a herb from the family Apiaceae. This herb is being used for over 3,000 years to heal wounds. Skincare brands have recently discovered this ingredient and have started adding it in moisturizers, serums, etc to heal the skin. Also Read – Guess the Price of Disha Patani’s Prettiest Yellow Floral Dress

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If you are struggling with psoriasis, eczema, lupus, leprosy, syphilis, acne, dryness, rosacea- Cica cream will work like magic for you. Cica has anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial properties that cure skin ailments. It will calm your skin and heal it too.

As reported by Healthline, it’s also been shown to help stimulate the creation of collagen, a building block protein of tissues throughout the body that keeps skin elastic. Cica can help strengthen the skin barrier and can be anti-aging.
The herb has been used for many years in the medicinal form to cure various skin conditions including:

– Cures Eczema and psoriasis: The report by Healthline stated that thanks to its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties, Cica might cure eczema. It has proven to be a helpful addition for someone suffering from eczema or psoriasis.

– Keeps dryness and irritation at bay: With its anti-inflammatory properties, cica cream can help you keep your skin moisturized and avoid irritation.

– Bye-bye Wrinkles- Don’t worry about those fine lines and wrinkles, Cica cream will take care of it. Cica has antioxidant properties with vitamin C and madecassoside extract that helps in improving skin hydration, elasticity and fades wrinkles.

– Lightens scars and acne: It’s madecassoside keeps the skin hydrated and cures acne. The cream can also heal minor burns, scars, and cuts.

This cream bolsters the skin’s barrier, hydrates, and soothes irritation, you can use it twice a day as a moisturizer.


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