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Breast cancer patient at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox participated in 2 clinical trials


“I was able to work full-time,” Koscik, a nurse who coordinates care for children with complex medical needs, said. “I was expecting worse: episodes of vomiting every day or just being unwell. But really the only days I had to take off were Wednesdays for the chemo.

By Thursday, I was back to work.

“It was better for me to work full-time, in my opinion, to take my mind off my diagnosis and my treatment. I was helping other families with whatever concerns they had. That kept me busy and out of my own troubles.”

Koscik, who has an 11-year-old son, finished treatments in April and took May off from work to recover from the chemotherapy and prepare for surgery, which was June 4.

And Koscik, because of COVID-19, faced that alone.

“My husband dropped me off,” Koscik said. “I had to go in by myself and had to check myself in. But, luckily, the staff was just so kind and treated me so lovingly, especially when I didn’t have any family surrounding me.”

Koscik opted for a double mastectomy due to the type of her cancer, her age and being positive for the BRCA1 mutation, she said. The reconstruction was done at the same time, she added.

“They recommended for me to have my tubes and ovaries removed in another surgery somewhat soon but not immediately,” Koscik said.

Surgery took 10 hours, but staff updated her husband several times during the process, Koscik said.


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