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Dr Alex promises to be ‘relentless’ in bringing change to schools


Dr Alex promises to be ‘relentless’ in bringing change for schools (Picture:@dralexgeorge/Instagram)

Dr Alex George has promised to be ‘relentless’ in bringing change to schools for his late brother Llyr.

The A&E doctor is on a ‘mission’ to bring change to mental health services after losing his brother in July.

‘Today is incredibly hard, there is no way round it. I was so proud having Llyr with me in A&E, the day this photo was taken was the last time we were together,’ he wrote on Instagram alongside a drawing of him and Llyr.

‘Lockdown hit and I had a job to do in London. This drawing means the world to me, it took @emmartinillustrations_ 5 days to do by hand. Thank you so much. I am so grateful.’

He continued: ‘World Mental Health day is a reminder for us all to hold our loved ones close, to reach out to those who might be struggling and, importantly, to look after ourselves. I have made a promise to Llyr that I will be relentless in my mission to bring change to mental health at schools. For you, my boy💙’

The Love Island star previously told Lorraine Kelly that he wants to see better mental health support and education in schools.

He got a drawing of him and Llyr (Picture: Dr Alex George/Instagram)

He told Lorraine last Tuesday: ‘There’s some fantastic work being done… people who are really passionate about this and there are incredible resources out there with Time to Change, Heads Together, but we need to integrate that in all schools around the country, so you haven’t just got pockets of good mental health teaching and support, it should be in every school.’

Dr Alex said that there needs to be a ‘priority’ in funding for school around mental health.

Alex shared a sweet photo of him and his late brother (Picture: Dr Alex George/Instagram)

As there are classes and discussions for sexual health, he believes that mental health support should be alongside it.

‘For me, it should sit alongside Maths, English, other subjects because unless you’re happy and healthy, how can you learn and how can you be productive?’ he continued.

The TV star previously said he is ‘trying to move on with purpose’ after his brother’s death, which he found out about while out with friends at a restaurant.

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