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Impact Of A Scholarship: Dr. Toni Aluko


The Burtonsville, Maryland, native currently works as a primary care physician at the University of Pennsylvania and has been there since she graduated from residency in July 2019.

Aluko’s job does not just entail her clinical work. She also works as one of the chairs of the Continuing Medical Education Committee, is part of a patient education committee, and is on the executive board of the Alliance of Minority Physicians at the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“[The Alliance of Minority Physicians] creates a bridge between the health system and residents, fellows, medical students, and faculty members who are underrepresented in medicine,” Aluko said.

Her experiences at Maryland led to her success in the medical field today.

Aluko was a kinesiology major and double minored in Spanish and community health, throughout her undergraduate years. During her freshman year, she considered taking the medical school route, originally thinking of becoming a physical therapist or physician’s assistant.

As a student-athlete, it was hard for her to take a lot of the science courses that held labs on Fridays because of travel with the track and field team. But, when Aluko started to take classes in community health, her mindset changed.

“I realized I really loved the public health aspect of health,” she said.

This realization led Aluko to pursue her Master’s of Public Health and land an internship with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

“The summer after [that internship], I really felt like I saw my divine calling for medicine, I felt like I was being called to do it,” Aluko said.

While all of this was going on in her life, she did not hesitate to rely on Maryland.

“One of the resources available to University of Maryland alumni is the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee,” Aluko said. “I thought that was very helpful to me.”


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