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McGregor woman still fights breast cancer 2 years after diagnosis


Savanah Ponce was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2018 at the age of 24.

MCGREGOR, Texas — In April 2018, Savanah Ponce discovered a lump on her breast while in the shower. After getting it looked at, she was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer.

“I found out that I am stage four, which means it has spread to organs. It has spread to my liver and my lungs,” Ponce said.

Ponce has gone through chemo, radiation, two reconstruction surgeries and a liver ablation. She said her doctors say the cancer is no longer curable, but regardless of the news, she is living life to the fullest.

“It has made me see life in a new perspective and really just enjoy the days where I feel good and enjoy the moments,” Ponce said.

As of right now, she isn’t going through any treatments because she is stable, meaning there are still tumors but they are not shrinking or growing. 

About 800 women younger than 40 are diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer each year, and while it is rare, Ponce encourages women of all ages to please get checked. 

“People say ‘What do I do I found a lump?’,” Ponce said. “And my answer is it always needs to be checked even if it’s nothing or it’s something, it needs to get checked.”

Ponce has been sharing her story for the past two years and wants people to know that they are never alone in situations like this; there is always someone else that is going through it.

She also encourages people to donate to charities that mean a lot to them, and to her the charity she hopes people will support is METavior, where all proceeds go to metastatic breast cancer.   


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