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Sam to try to break record


Manx gym owner Sam Murphy will attempt to break a world record for the most weight deadlifted in 24 hours in aid of men’s health charity Movember.

The 31-year-old founded Fusion Barbell gym on the Kirby Farm Industrial Estate, Braddan, in 2018 and on November 26 he will attempt to deadlift 600,000kg in 24 hours, aiming to raise £6,000.

The current world record is held by American athlete KenGee Ehrlich, who lifted just over 500,000kg.

In order to beat this number, Sam will have to lift 60kg 10 times a minute for just over 16 and a half hours.

’I was in a bit of a slump during lockdown with the gym closures being out of my control and the general uncertainty of Covid-19,’ said Sam.

’I initially trained as normal but had the fleeting thought of how much could I lift in a given day. My first workout was to see if it was possible to beat the current record by finding an efficient way to deadlift 100,000kg.

’I didn’t enjoy that first workout, my hamstrings and back were destroyed and I was sore for days.

But as soon as I finished, I knew it was a challenge worth pursuing.’

Murphy’s plan is to rest one hour every four hours and providing he maintains this pace, the record will be broken by 9am on November 27, leaving him a further three hours to reach his target of 10,000 repetitions in total.

’I am not an endurance athlete but I also knew that my mind was fragile due to the lockdown and I needed a challenge to strengthen me mentally.

’This is why I chose Movember. It’s a charity for men’s health in the UK and its biggest activity takes place during November, which gave me a good time frame.

’I wanted to complete this challenge to demonstrate to others and myself that it’s not as much about the challenges and adversities that we face in life, but the perception of the challenge and adversities that we face.’

To support Sam during the challenge, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/sammurphy24hour

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