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Pioneer Federal Credit Union and North Canyon Medical Center Breast Cancer fundraiser


TWIN FALLS — With October being breast cancer awareness month, the Pioneer Federal Credit Union has been having multiple fundraising events for North Canyon Medical Center’s Breast Cancer Fund. Pioneer has done these fundraisers in the past with other organizations, but this is the first time doing it with North Canyon.

“We chose to partner with North Canyon Medical Center because we share the same communities. They’re also in Gooding, Jerome, and Twin Falls,” said Nilton Corujo, a teller for Pioneer Federal Credit Union.

There have been three fundraising events at coffee shops in Hailey, Gooding, and Jerome, with one soon to be in Twin Falls. Residents can go and purchase a mug of coffee with a portion directed towards the hospital’s fund.

Community Relations Director for North Canyon, Shellie Amundson, said, “So with all four events, each event is two hours, and at the end, they run a tally off of the register. Then Pioneer Federal Credit union matches that amount as a donation to our breast cancer program.”

Thus far, nearly $1,500 has been raised towards the fund. If people who cannot attend the coffee shop events wish to donate, there are other ways of doing so. Residents can donate at any local of the Pioneer branches or through North Canyon directly.

“They can go to our website northcanyon.org And there’s a tab called giving back, and under it, it has the six endowment funds that we have set up. One of which is our community breast cancer fund, and they can click on that, and it gives them all sorts of information about the fund. They can then make a direct donation online.” said Amundson.

Once the funds are collected, North Canyon will use the money where it is needed most. “We can use it towards the purchase of new equipment. And then we have a certain percentage of the funds in that account that are used for free mammograms, breast health education,” said Amundson.

Both organizations are thrilled to be working with one another, especially North Canyon, since one of their other fundraisers that goes towards its breast cancer fund was canceled in the summer due to COVID.
The final fundraising event will be held at Human Bean in Twin Falls on October 30th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.


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