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Letter to the editor: Approve Referendum 90


Though many voters have already sent in their ballots, I noted many of my neighbors had little or no information about Referendum 90. And much disinformation is being distributed in social media.

The Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Act (ESSB 5395) was passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor. However, it was brought to the ballot because of a citizen’s referendum. The bill ensures that all students statewide receive age-appropriate, medically and scientifically accurate information. Grades K-3 would receive instruction in social-emotional learning, including stranger danger, good touch/bad touch and using words. Parents have the right to opt their student out of the class.

Comprehensive sexual health education is effective at driving down rates of sexual abuse, unintended pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections in young people. Too many of our students don’t receive high quality accurate information, putting them at risk.

Please stand with the League of Women Voters, Planned Parenthood, pediatricians, educators, social workers and youth-centered organizations to Approve Referendum 90.

Pat Griffith



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