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Non-profit creates free sex ed resources for Saskatchewan teachers


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The current curricula don’t include the word “consent” or contain any specific sexual health advice for LGBTQ2S+ people.

School divisions also exercise some discretion over how those lessons are taught. Depending on where they live, Mason said the content of students’ sexual education might differ widely across the province.

“One word can describe sex ed in Canada, and it is ‘inconsistency,’ ” Frédérique Chabot said.

Chabot is the interim director of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, a non-profit that advocates for sexual and reproductive rights. She noted school divisions with a faith-based component may also offer different sex education than the public system.

“Where you live will impact what kind of life-saving, life-affirming health information you may have access to or not.” 

Saskatoon Sexual Health’s resources are based off the 2019 revised Canadian guidelines on sexual heath education, which Chabot said are the best standard in Canada. However, she said curricula in the provinces lags well behind it in terms of what it includes.

Chabot said resources like those made by Saskatoon Sexual Health are a great way of giving educators a ready-made tool to start those conversations, though she wishes such resources were provided more broadly by governments.

“Even if we had the most amazing, complete curriculum, if we don’t look at issues of teaching and implementation it makes zero difference in peoples’ lives,” Chabot said. 


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