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Mark Shanahan’s article (“Not the Man I Used to Be,” September 27), discussing prostate cancer was excellent. Not only was it extremely informative, but he presented the information in a way that made me smile at times and feel very sad at times. His honesty made everything he wrote about real, understandable, and a textbook for other men and their wives going through the same experience.

Carolyn Rzewski, South Dennis

I am happy for Shanahan and his family, and hope the article raises awareness about prostate cancer. But did Globe Magazine need to give 13 pages to a highly curable men’s cancer when September was ovarian cancer awareness month? As someone who has been fighting that disease for over five years, I started to lose patience with what felt like endless prostate-gazing. I do hope the Magazine runs more stories of people who survive the many deadly and frightening cancers out there.

Melanie Temin Mendez, Arlington

As I read Shanahan’s article I was entering my next-to-the-last week of radiation treatments for prostate cancer. Had I read it before them, it would have scared the hell out of me! My side effects have been minor and few. I am sorry that Shanahan had a bad time of it and I understand that many men do, but I did not. I was prepared for the worst. But the worst did not come to pass and I feel that is important to pass along.

Geoff Tritsch, Concord

Shanahan does readers a disservice by not even mentioning proton beam therapy, which is performed at Massachusetts General Hospital. My husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer and it was the most effective course of action, with the fewest side effects.

Julie Conroy, Exeter, New Hampshire

Great article full of facts, emotion, and humor. I appreciated Shanahan’s courage and honesty. I’m 66 and immediately called my doctor to schedule a prostate-specific antigen test. Thanks for writing this and getting the word out there.

Art Weingarten, Milton


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