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New Book: “A Walk Around the Block”


Author Spike Carlsen talks about the inspiration behind his latest book.

Spike Carlsen has been writing about the world around us, the stuff in it and how it all works for over 25 years. 

His latest book, A Walk Around the Block: Stoplight Secrets, Mischievous Squirrels, Manhole Mysteries & Other Stuff you see Every Day (and Know Nothing About) was released by Harper Collins in October.

He’s the author of the award-winning A Splintered History of Wood, as well Cabin Lessons; a construction memoir and four other books. He’s appeared on Modern Marvels, HGTV, the CBS Early Show and dozens of other radio and television programs.

He was an editor with Readers’ Digest’s, Family Handyman magazine for 15 years where he wrote hundreds of articles and oversaw the books division. He’s written for Men’s Health, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Mother Earth News, Fine Homebuilding and a number of other magazines.

Prior to picking up a pen he swung a hammer for fifteen years and taught elementary school. He’s served on the Stillwater Public Library Board of Trustees for 6 years. In his free time he enjoys biking, woodworking and attempting to keep their 170 year old house from keeling over. He and his wife, Kat, live in Stillwater, Minnesota, in close proximity to their 5 kids and 9 grand daughters

Carlsen’s book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores everywhere.

For more information on Carlsen, visit his website at spikecarlsen.com.


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