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Health Watch: Anxiety and depression


RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – So for various reasons we’ve seen peak instances of anxiety and depression in younger and younger children recently. Children even the younger and younger can pick up on their parents’ stress around coronavirus, election results, the schedule availability with schools closing off and on, job losses, any health that may be deteriorating in family members. Kids pick up on this, every kid shows their stress in different ways some will have sleeping problems and some will sleep too much or others will have a really hard time falling or staying asleep, some will eat their feelings or stop eating and have weight loss. Crying often or the feeling of being overwhelmed can be a sign of anxiety and stress. Young children can act out and cause more problems than they typically do older ones might hold up in their room for hours and have less interest in activities than they normally do. Try sitting down with your child and what is bothering them, have an open line of communication. You can try to play therapy or counseling for older kids, and as always if you have a concern over your child you can reach out to your healthcare provider. This is Dr. Cara Hamilton with Black Hills Pediatrics,’ Dr. Cara Hamilton

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