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PIQUE Health – Specialized Treatment Plans to Optimize Male Health


Beverly Hills-based practice helping men come up with a plan to fully optimize their health

Now more than ever, amid a pandemic, people are paying extra attention to their health. With the new year approaching, Beverly Hills’ PIQUE Health– the Westside’s first comprehensive men’s health practice–is helping to optimize wellness for high-performing men, a traditionally underserved demographic.

“We’ve seen chronic pain go up, we’ve seen mental health issues go up,” said Dr. Nell Smircina, Owner and Director of PIQUE Health. “Just as we plan our finances, just as we plan our schedules when it comes to work, you have to do that with your health no matter where you think you are on that health spectrum.”

PIQUE Health has been around since 2018, offering medical care and services to help people live their best lives. In 2020 the company shifted, still focusing on health, but gearing their efforts towards men experiencing the effects of aging.

“My practice was always predominantly men…Executives, business owners, people who really lead high-performing lifestyles,” Dr. Smircina said. “A lot of times men are left to age on their own. They aren’t given a lot of options for optimal aging. It’s either ‘okay get some testosterone’ or something else, but there aren’t any conversations around holistic health or a comprehensive health plan.” Our patients at PIQUE are individuals, Dr. Smircina says, with different boundaries to healing and different lifestyles to accommodate their healing. A PIQUE Health treatment plan will provide answers to questions many men may ask themselves but don’t necessarily know how to articulate.

“Why am I tired all of a sudden? Why am I having a lower libido? Why did I used to be able to focus for 14 hours a day and now I’m down to 6-8? I’m not sleeping as well, I’m not recovering as well,” Dr. Smircina said. “PIQUE is really the solution for that…I wanted a place where men could really come in or have a conversation and say ‘I just don’t feel like myself anymore and
what can we do about that?’”

Solutions to these questions typically focus on issues such as testosterone supplementation and erectile dysfunction treatment. PIQUE’s customized treatment plans, however, are results-driven to address the root cause of these ailments, rather than just the many symptoms that arise from Andropause–a misunderstood and rarely discussed medical condition experienced by many middle-aged men. Some common signs of Andropause include decreased muscle tone, increased body fat, decreased energy/focus, suboptimal sleep, decreased sex drive and suboptimal recovery from workouts. To treat such issues, PIQUE offers men anti-aging therapies, including acupuncture and targeted bloodwork.

PIQUE Health is the Westside’s first comprehensive men’s health practice.

In addition to targeted bloodwork and acupuncture, PIQUE offers other remedies including cupping, Gua Sha, customized nutrition, herbal medicine and cosmetic therapies like microneedling. With these treatments, Dr. Smircina says, aside from helping patients achieve optimal health, PIQUE can also help men avoid unnecessary medications.

So where can men receive these services? While the PIQUE is physically located in the heart of Beverly Hills at 9001 Wilshire Boulevard, they are able to treat patients at-home or remotely, including patients who are located in different cities and states.

“We are able to connect you with practitioners in whatever city you’re in to be able to continue your treatment,” Dr. Smircina said.

This business model has made adapting to COVID-19 protocols relatively easy for PIQUE Health.

“We’ve always gone to hotels or people’s homes to deliver care, but now we are enhancing the execution of our virtual services in order to elevate the patient experience,” Dr. Smircina says. “Our new offering is the 2021 Health Optimization Consult, which provides clients with a strategic health plan for the New Year”.

PIQUE Health is located in Beverly Hills at 9001 Wilshire Blvd Suite 206. For more information, call (310) 734-7025 or visit www.piquebh.com


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