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Best Sexual Education Books Based on Personality 2020 | The Strategist


The author’s cat Bugsy Malone pads around her library of sex books.
Photo: Liz Goldwyn

As the founder of The Sex Ed, a multimedia platform dedicated to sex, health, and consciousness education, I’m often asked what quality makes someone sexy. I’m a sapiosexual, or someone who is aroused by intellect, so I usually answer with one of my favorite John Waters quotes: “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have any books, don’t fuck ’em!” Our brains are our largest sexual organ, after all, and one that is well-fed is always alluring. (Plus, who hasn’t had a fantasy involving hot sex amid library stacks? I’m not alone here… right?)

Still, with hundreds of thousands of “sex” books out there that run the gamut from erotica to instructional to metaphysical, it can be hard to navigate your way through what is worth reading. Understanding our sexual selves is a lifelong journey and one that we don’t get prepared for in school, which is why cultivating your own collection of sex-reference books can be extremely helpful to expanding your sexual consciousness. I have worked in the sex-education space for close to 30 years and, at last count, my own library of sex titles numbers in the hundreds, including two I wrote myself: Sporting Guide: Los Angeles, 1897 is set in the world of sex work and vice pre-Hollywood and Pretty Things: The Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens explores a century of striptease between 1860–1960.


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