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Hunterston security guard goes the extra mile after relative’s prostate cancer diagnosis


A DEDICATED Hunterston B security guard has raised more than £1,000 for a men’s cancer charity.

John Frew, from West Kilbride, stepped up to take on Prostate Cancer UK’s ‘Run the Month’ challenge – then found out just days later a close relative is facing a battle with the disease.

The villager was inspired to run 50 miles in a month after learning that one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lives.

John explained how the cause suddenly took on a new importance soon after her registered.

He said “Just a couple of days after signing up for the challenge, my wife’s uncle received the dreadful news that he had prostate cancer.

“Luckily he was diagnosed early, has had an operation and things are looking good for him to make a full recovery, but it really spurred me on.

“I am not really one for running so I started off doing three kilometre distances then built up my fitness and distance to 5km, with the occasional 7km if I was feeling brave!

“West Kilbride is pretty hilly, so it was tough at first and the only thing that pushed me through was the thought of all the families in pain with loved ones fighting against cancer.

“I knew if they could go through that then I could keep pushing myself on to complete the challenge and raise some money to help them.”

John’s target was £200 but he quickly smashed that, raising £1,160, which, as Prostate Cancer UK is EDF’s corporate charity, will be matched by the company.

This is the end of the first of a three-year partnership with the charity, and while Covid-19 has made the usual fundraising efforts more challenging, Hunterston B workers have still managed to raise £3,726 for the cause during 2020.

That total includes John’s run and other activities like a Christmas gate collection, which raised £773.

Station director Paul Forrest said: “This year has brought some really big challenges as we all worked to get to grips with the pandemic. We’ve had to change the way we work and interact with each other, so I’m delighted that, even in these strange and difficult times, John and others on site have still found ways to support great causes like this.”


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